Favorite Beauty YouTubers

I don’t know about anyone else but I spend a fair amount of my free time online and more specifically, on YouTube. I’ve found some really great people and content throughout the years–from music to beauty tips to just random funny videos. And lately, a lot of what I’ve been gravitating toward are beauty-related videos or beauty-related creators. Below are five of my favorite YouTubers that fall within that category.


Zoella, a.k.a Zoe Suggs, is a British beauty and lifestyle YouTuber. While she does have a variety of content on her main channel (she also has a second vlog channel), a lot of it revolves around hauls, makeup, the home, and baking. Her popularity has really taken off in the last couple of years resulting in several beauty collections, a book series, and a recent lifestyle range. Although she’s actually in her late 20s, she maintains an air of innocence and bubbly fun in everything she does which I think helps set her apart from others who create similar content.


Tati is a beauty guru based in the LA area. Pretty much all of her videos are make-up related which I believe is a feat considering she uploads videos to YouTube 5 days a week. She is not afraid to give her audience an honest review of products or share what she really thinks when testing out something new. In addition to makeup tutorials, Tati also regularly uploads videos for her various series: Hot or Not, WTF, and OMG.

Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall, while still a beauty YouTuber, has branched out in the last year or so and now also uploads videos detailing some of her travels and general thoughts. Of the five ladies in this list, Claire’s uploads are the most inconsistent but I think her videos stand out the most. One of the things that originally drew me to her channel was the quality of her videos and her editing style. The content itself is always informative and engaging (not to mention that a number of her videos feature quick cameos of her cat, Bruce) but the quality of the production give her videos an extra oomph that’s very pleasing to the eye.

Loey Lane

Loey Lane’s main channel (she also has a second vlog channel) is one that I only discovered about 2 or so years ago. She is a self-proclaimed plus-size beauty and fashion YouTuber which I love. While the majority of her recent videos are beauty and fashion related or paranormal story times, she has also posted videos in the past focusing on body positivity and body confidence. Loey is not shy to get real with her audience and frequently shares anecdotes or tidbits from her life while filming.

Mr. Kate

I discovered Mr. Kate earlier this year and while the channel may not technically be beauty-related, the channel has uploaded beauty videos in the past. Mr. Kate, a channel and company founded by Kate with help from her husband Joey, focuses more on design and fun DIY projects. While the content of the videos may be home-based design, Mr. Kate’s outfits are always on point and I think some of the design tips she shares can also transfer over to style as it relates to clothing and fashion. A super fun, big personality squeezed into a small person, Kate of Mr. Kate seems to be an ever overflowing well of ideas and creativity. And the banter between her and Joey adds to the fun onscreen.


Who are some of your favorite beauty YouTubers?

❤ Rachel



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