Favorite Kindle Authors

As I’m sure anyone living in the continental US knows, it’s been raining. A lot. Which makes for some perfect cozy reading weather. I’ve definitely taken advantage of the dreary weather and have been rereading some of my favorite Kindle books. The majority of these authors I’ve just found by chance when browsing the Kindle store on Amazon for new e-books. So today, since it is once again raining, I thought I’d share some of my favs with you guys.


Tammy Falkner is probably one of my all-time favorite authors that I’ve found while browsing the Kindle store. She writes The Reed Brothers series and it’s amazing. The first few books in the series focus on a family of 5 brothers who value family over anything else. Each book takes a turn focusing on one brother as they juggle life and finding love. Other books in the series showcase minor characters from the series and give insight into the lives of the friends of the ever-growing Reed clan. One of the reasons why I absolutely love this series is because Falkner has a way of writing about love while keeping the characters real. What I mean by this is that her characters are realistic. Everything is not peachy-keen or perfect once you fall in love and Falkner reminds her readers of that by not glossing over some of the more awkward or non-exciting parts of parenthood or a relationship that most authors do.


Donna Michaels writes contemporary romance that include both western and military elements in her Harland County and Citizen Soldier series. The Harland County series takes place in Texas and features a pair of brothers and a set of cousins who are all friends from childhood and not interested in settling down. That is, until the Masters sisters–old neighbors and friends of the group–come back to Harland County. As with The Reed Brothers, the Harland County series expands to include new friends and minor characters from the first few books. The Citizen Soldier series is related to the Harland County books as the first few books in this series focus on the four National Guard brothers of Brandi Wyne, who is featured in book 3 of the Harland County series.


While both of Roxie Rivera’s Her Russian Protector series and the Fighting Connollys series are generally categorized as contemporary romance, I usually refer to them as mob romance as both series revolve around the ties, tensions, and interactions of the shady mob underworld in Houston, Texas. Rivera does a good job of imparting to the reader the complexities of navigating this underworld without going too far as well as just how far a person will go to protect the ones that matter most.


Dale Mayer enjoys writing everything from psychic thrillers to military romance to romantic comedy–as evidenced by the dozen or so different series listed on her website. So far I’ve read (and thoroughly enjoyed) parts of two of her many series: Psychic Visions and SEALs of Honor. The Psychic Visions series, as you might guess, involves a psychic element but each book also has a very suspenseful, mysterious plot line that, combined with the supernatural element, makes for a great read. The SEALs of Honor series features an elite SEALs team wherein each book focuses on a different member of the team. It’s a good thing these men are no strangers to danger because, from what I can tell, the women they are inexplicably drawn to bring nothing but trouble.

What are some of your favorite e-reads?

❤ Rachel




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