Life Update: I moved!

I’ve moved! If you’ve seen my last post or some of my recent social media postings, you’ll know that I recently accepted a new job and moved. This is only my third week at my new place of work but I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s within my major which means that I’m getting to use my degree which I’m really happy about. I mean, I know that the point of getting a degree is to then use said degree but I think we all know oftentimes that’s not the case anymore. It’s also in my second home state—Indiana. I hadn’t necessarily planned on coming back to Indiana but I also hadn’t ruled it out since, as I said, at this point it’s essentially my second home. I swear at this rate, I’ll know the major roadways in Indiana better than those in South Carolina. (That thing about Southerners and directions? Totally true in my case.)

And of course, along with my new job came a new apartment! Or rather, my FIRST apartment! I love it. Probably the only possible downside is that the apartment I ultimately settled on has a “no pet” policy which is a bummer since I’d thought about adopting a kitten at some point down the line so I guess that will have to wait, but overall the pros outweighed the con. The apartment I chose is a first floor one-bedroom apartment that has an awesome built shelving unit that divides the kitchen and living room areas. All of that, and the fact that it had washer/dryer hookup sealed the deal for me. I know that washer/dryer hookup might seem like an odd thing to focus on but as my mom and I toured apartments, that particular feature became more and more attractive. Because really, who wants to have to go outside just so that you can do laundry when it’s 10*F and snowy outside? That didn’t sound particularly appealing to me and I had the option of choosing an apartment that wouldn’t make me hate doing laundry, so I took it.

I do plan on filming an apartment tour at some point but I’d like to finish getting things fixed up first. I’ve got most things set up but I still need a few things like a desk chair and a few other, smaller things.

So, while I apologize for having taken a step back recently, it’s because I’ve been focused on getting settled in this new chapter of life.

❤ Rachel


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