Tarte Limited Edition Pretty Paintbox Review

pretty paintbox


pretty paintbox 7

Amidst all of the holiday gift sets that have come out at both Ulta and Sephora, Tarte has also launched two limited edition full face palettes. While similar, each palette was different from the other in both styling and some of the products themselves. I first saw the one that was exclusive to Ulta on their site but didn’t realize that it was limited edition so, of course, when I decided that I did want it, it was already sold out. I thought that Sephora might have the same kit since Tarte is carried in both stores and that’s how I discovered that there were two palettes. I’ve been interested in trying out a full face palette for a while because it’s something different from what I currently have and I think that it could be really helpful for traveling since it cuts down on the number of individual products you have to pack. A full face palette (at least by my definition) is a palette that includes eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, and can also include contour and highlight. This Tarte Pretty Paintbox palette happens to include all of this plus a travel sized Tarteist lash paint mascara, a So Fine eyeliner pen, and a travel sized Tarteist glossy lip paint so it really is full face! It retails for $59.

pretty paintbox 3

I am still playing around with the palette but I’ve enjoyed all the eyeshadows I’ve tried so far except one. I don’t know if this particular shade (Still Life) was just more powdery than the others thus far or if I was just really off my blending game that day but it just wasn’t working. I do want to go back at some point and try it again to see if it was me or the shadow. I swatched all the colors below for you guys but as you can tell from the pictures, much of the first column don’t show up well on my skin because they are very light, neutral colors.

pretty paintbox 4
First column: glitter glue, waterlilies, pearl earring, fresco, porcelain Dali, pastel; Second column: nudes, van Gogh with it, frameworthy, hearts & crafts, monochrome, I Lourve it


pretty paintbox 5
First column: bronze casting, metal work, first impressionism, selfie portrait, hot MoMA, get surreal; Second column: silhouette, charcoal sketch, starry night, one too Manet, stained glass, still life

I’ve never tried contouring before so I haven’t tried the contour or highlight shades as I’m waiting for a free weekend to experiment with that but I like the bronzer and blush. My advice would just be to use a very light hand for the bronzer as it does not take much product at all to get the job done. I really like the mascara and eyeliner; they both work really well. But I have to admit that I’m like in LOVE with the glossy lip paint. It’s in the shade Obvi and on me is just a really nice, neutral shade with a bit of a sheen. I was honestly surprised to find that I liked it so much because I usually hate lip gloss and am much more of a matte girl than shiny. And best of all, it’s not sticky which is the number one reason I don’t wear lip gloss.

pretty paintbox 6

pretty paintbox 8
From top: moment, authentic, unique, provocative, So Fine eyeliner in black, glossy lip paint in Obvi










Overall, I’ve been really pleased with this Tarte limited edition palette. This is the second Tarte product I’ve purchased and I haven’t been disappointed yet. If you can still get your hands on this palette, I’d recommend it. It’s got great colors and I think you get a pretty good bang for your buck considering many of the items included in the palette would cost $20 each individually.

❤ Rachel


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