bareMinerals Nude and Nice Trio Gift Review

bareMinerals trio

It’s officially December which means one thing. Gift sets at Ulta and Sephora are available! Did you think I meant Christmas decorations? I mean, that’s cool too but these little gift sets have always intrigued me because not only are they ideal as actual gifts but often they are also good ways to try out samples of a product that maybe you’ve been curious about. Because these gift sets are also usually mini sizes it also often feels like less of a commitment in case the product doesn’t end up working out, particularly with some of the higher end brands.

Having said that, the bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte liquid lipsticks are something that I’ve been interested in trying since they launched, so when I came across the Nude and Nice mini trio set on Sephora’s website, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try them out. As the name suggests, the set is three mini liquid lipsticks in three different neutral colors. The three colors are Wink, Infamous, and Juju.

bareMinerals trio 2


I expected at least one of the three shades to work for me. What I wasn’t expecting was the texture and smell of the products. Guys. These gen nudes are so creamy and feel so light on the lips that at times I forgot I even had anything on my lips. The texture and smell also reminded me of whipped chocolate mousse. Which, if you’ve ever had whipped chocolate mousse, is pretty freaking good. But don’t worry, despite going on creamy the product does bareMinerals trio in Wink dry down to a matte after a few minutes.


Moving on to the individual evaluation of each shade, Wink is the lightest shade of the three. I was a little skeptical about how this shade would look on and I was right. It is definitely not the right color for me. It’s a very pale peachy shade. It’s also several shades lighter than my natural lip color so that the end result reminded me a little of foundation lips or even that super frosted light pink thing that was popular in the 90s. I’m sure it’s a color that works for some people but I am not one of those some.


bareMinerals trio in InfamousInfamous is the middle shade in the trio and is just a nice neutral pink color. It’s actually only a shade or two lighter than my natural lip color so it works pretty well. I also think this color oxidizes slightly as it dries because I found the color to be a little darker once it had dried down. For me, it’s just a good everyday neutral color.

bareMinerals trio in Juju


For my friends and family who know that I’m a sucker for a good berry or dark lip, it will come as no surprise when I say that I liked the darkest shade, JuJu, the best. JuJu is a smooth, mauve-y or dark dusty rose color. It’s one or two shades darker than my natural lip color so it still looks very natural on and can also be good for every day.

I did notice a few things about the products in general that I thought I’d mention. This first one may just be more of a personal preference but the wand is just a straight wand. Maybe it’s just because lately when I’ve worn a liquid lipstick it’s been ones that have angled wands but I found it awkward the first swipe or two using the straight wand. The other thing I noticed that I actually quite like is that these liquid lipsticks look very natural on and there’s not a harsh line at the edge of your lips. What I mean by that is that sometimes, with other liquid lipsticks, the way they dry down makes it very apparent that this is the shape or outline of your lips and there’s a clear cut line where the lipstick ends. This isn’t to say that this is a bad thing but it is a nice change that the gen nudes have a softer line which I think fits with their atheistic of being nude and neutral for every day wear.

Overall, I’m really happy with this kind of trial run with the gen nude line from bareMinerals. Because they are sample sizes, I was able to try out three different shades and get a feel for the product in general for a fraction of what I would have paid for three full sized tubes. I think this little trio is perfect as a gift for someone who likes nude tones or is wanting to try out liquid lipsticks. It’s also a good gift for yourself if you’re looking to try out something new or would simply like to treat yourself toward the end of the year.

If you’ve tried any of the bareMinerals gen nudes, what were your thoughts?

❤ Rachel


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