Unique Restaurants Around the World

There are some very unique and different places around the world so it seems fitting that there would be a couple of unique restaurants as well. For anyone who loves adventure or, like me, loves to travel, here are five restaurants from around the world that are one of a kind.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives Islands

Ever wanted to dine with sharks and other sea life? This restaurant is the closest thing to it without actually strapping on scuba gear and diving in. Situated around 16 feet underwater, diners are treated to a panoramic view of undersea life.


photo credit: Travel Mint

O. Noir, Toronto, Canada

I have actually been to a dark restaurant before and I recommend it to everyone. I found it to be one of the coolest experiences ever and I would, without a doubt, do it again. If you’d like to see my friend and my’s experience, check out our Canada vlog. A dark restaurant, for those who aren’t aware, is a restaurant in which you dine completely in the dark. You choose your meal beforehand in a dimly lit outer area and then are led into the dark dining area for the actual meal. The employees are all blind or visually impaired and it gives diners an opportunity to experience how different something simple like eating a meal can be without sight. O.Noir is one of just a handful of dark restaurants located around the world.


photo credit: Rachel Charney // TripAdvisor

Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

This is the dining experience for the ultimate adrenaline junkie. Dinner in the Sky takes dinner with a view to a whole new level by treating small groups of diners to a meal in the sky–literally. Located in several cities around the world, diners are strapped into harnesses that are connected to the table and chairs dangling over 150 feet above the ground.


photo credit: SinaEnglish // ShipMateMike

Yellow Tree House Restaurant, New Zealand

Who doesn’t wish they’d had a treehouse as a kid? I know I did. Since that ship has clearly sailed, I think this would be the next best thing. Dining in an archectual masterpiece of a treehouse in New Zealand? Sign me up.


photo credit: Jebiga // TreehouseMap

Ninja Restaurant, New York City, USA

I immediately thought of my college roommate when I came across this restaurant. Imagine having ninjas swoop in and out while your party dines on food from one of the restaurant’s 4 menus. For anyone who’s a fan of ninja movies or action and suspense films in general, I imagine this would be the perfect dining experience for you.


photo credit: DailyMail // bitlanders

Which of these restaurants do you want to visit?

❤ Rachel


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