Maybelline Fit Me Product Review


A few months ago I decided to try out Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation and pressed powder. I also picked up the Fit Me concealer. The foundation I picked up is in the shade 112 which is Natural Ivory, the pressed powder is 120 Classic Ivory, and the concealer is in the shade 15 Fair.

Before buying the Fit Me products, I had heard a lot of hype both about the Fit Me line as well as L’Oreal’s Infallible line. I think both foundations came out around the same time. Both the Fit Me Matte+Poreless and the L’Oreal Infallible foundations are supposed to be targeted for those with oily skin which is why I looked at both product lines and even looked at a few reviews comparing the two before deciding to try the Fit Me line. I have combination skin but can get pretty shiny in my T-zone area throughout the day.


Initially I thought this foundation was great, but after a few weeks I started to notice that it may not be quite as great as I’d thought. I’m not sure how Maybelline has marketed the Fit Me Foundation but I’ve found that it’s a light to medium coverage foundation. For those who are having a good skin day or who don’t have much trouble with spots and breakouts, this might be perfect. For me however, it doesn’t seem to quite cover everything I want it to. I’ve gotten a few spots recently and also have a little redness in some areas of my face and this foundation doesn’t seem to completely cover it up. Even if I build it up a little and layer the Fit Me concealer with it, a few hours later both formulas have faded or started to wear off.


This foundation also seems to have a pinker undertone than some of my previous foundations which I found a little odd considering it’s pretty much the same shade as the Merle Norman CC Cream that I use as foundation. This pinker undertone did not work well with my skin as in some light it made my makeup appear a little orange oddly enough. I thought it might be the foundation in combination with my bronzer and blush so I stopped using them but the result remained the same—slight orange appearance. And, as with most drugstore foundations, the Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation does not have a pump and is simply an open pour.


I didn’t find that the Fit Me pressed powder was particularly mattifying despite being the Matte+Poreless powder. I’ve noticed that the oilier areas of my face will still get shiny throughout the day despite using the setting powder and my L’Oreal Infallible setting spray. I tried not using the setting spray and that helped some but I still found that the foundation and powder together seemed to make my face more oily than it would be otherwise. Personally, I prefer to not look shiny as I go about my day so I think the pressed powder might be a better fit for those who have normal or dry skin. Although, I will admit that I quite like the packaging.


Out of all three Fit Me products, I liked the concealer the best and I liked it best when I used the concealer by itself without the foundation. I think that for a light makeup day, using the concealer to cover a few spots or in place of the foundation, it works pretty well. The color, as you saw above, is essentially the same as the Fit Me foundation but it seems to appear less orange on the face somehow than the foundation.

I genuinely wanted to like the Fit Me line as I’d heard good things about the products and have been pleased with my past Maybelline purchases. I think the products themselves probably work well for some but I’m just not one of those some. I will still use the Fit Me concealer and setting powder on days I want just a little bit of makeup for now, but I will be on the hunt for new foundation and powder that work better with my skin.

What has your experience been with Maybelline’s Fit Me products?

❤ Rachel


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