Pumpkin Carving Party!

Halloween pt. 3

Happy Halloween guys! Anyone else excited for this weekend? We haven’t bought our Halloween candy yet—it can be dangerous to buy it too far in advance, am I right? Here in my neighborhood, we’ve started to get into the spooky spirit. Over the weekend, my parents and I were invited to a pumpkin carving party that was being held by one of our neighbors. Dad wasn’t able to go but Mom and I did and it was really nice. It was a BYOP party (Bring Your Own Pumpkin) and several other families from the neighborhood also came. This must not have been the host’s first rodeo because I was pretty impressed with the thought process and organization behind the set-up for the party. Let me explain. First of all, there were tables, chairs, and TV tray-tables set up in the driveway for those carving pumpkins. The host later told us that she’d learned over the years that it was much easier to just hose off the driveway than worry about cleaning up pumpkin guts off the kitchen floor.

There were also plastic containers at every “station” or every other “station” for said pumpkin guts as well as a few large bins containing all the knives, ice cream scoopers, stencils, paint, and plastic carving kit tools that could ever be needed to carve the perfect pumpkin. There were even ribbons to give out awards for things like “Most hilarious” and “Craftiest” etc. And, of course, there were hot dogs, chips, and eyeball cupcakes. Despite being the oldest “kid” there (most of the other kids seemed to be in the 6-10 age range), I enjoyed it. All of the kids and most of the adults all carved pumpkins. Only the handful of high schoolers present did not participate in the pumpkin carving contest—maybe they considered themselves “too cool.”

all the entries minus two
all the entries minus two
Top: Mom's ghost, Bottom: my creepy butler
Top: Mom’s ghost, Bottom: my creepy butler







I don’t know who carved the skull or the Frankenstein but I thought they were both quite good. I even won an award! I’m not quite sure how a creepy butler with candlesticks wins “Most Hilarious” but I’ll take it.

It was just nice to be able to see and catch up with neighbors that we don’t necessarily get to see that often as well as meet a few new people. A few of us even talked about potentially doing this again closer to Christmas but with gingerbread houses—growing up Mom used to make gingerbread houses every year for us to decorate. I’ll keep you guys posted if we end of doing that this year.

As of right now, I have no concrete Halloween plans other than greeting trick-or-treat-ers and eating some candy myself. What about y’all? Any fun plans?

Well, regardless of whether you plan on trick or treating this weekend or not, I hope everyone has fun and remember: don’t take candy from a stranger.  🙂  Happy Halloween everyone!

❤ Rachel


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