Labor Day Weekend

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. I know I did. My parents and I drove down to Florida for the weekend to visit some family friends. It was short, but nice. In addition to visiting with our friends and going to the beach, I read a lot. And I mean A LOT. In the last week and a half I’ve probably read 10 books. Six of those were a series by an author named JC Diem. I was browsing free kindle books on Amazon and came across the first book in this particular series.

The series is called the Shifter Squad series and is a paranormal-crime-gov. agency type series. Now, I know that paranormal/fantasy may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy some books in that realm and absolutely loove crime/mystery novels. One thing I do like about Diem in regard specifically to the paranormal aspect of her books is that they are more…grown up? There’s no “soulmates” or bad teenage ideas of true love which is refreshing. Patricia Briggs is a favorite author of mine for that reason—not to mention just good writing and plotlines. And I will say that one thing Diem seems particularly adept at is ending each book with a cliffhanger. Diem is clever in that each book in this particular series (she has another called the Mortis series); ends with the main plot wrapped up but the more interesting subplots are left in suspense until the following book. I find it an interesting approach as I haven’t seen an author do this before though I have to say, it is very effective.

One of the other books that I plowed through this week was Kathy Reichs’ book, Bones Never Lie, one of the newest books in her Temperance Brennan series. She is one of my all-time favorite authors. Anyone else a fan of hers? Again, it is a crime/mystery type book. The character’s name—Temperance Brennan—may ring a bell for anyone who enjoys watching police dramas or crime shows on TV as the TV show Bones is loosely based off of these books. I highly recommend giving the series a try.

So needless to say, I enjoyed my weekend quite a bit. I read more than I’ve read in a while and I got to relax while at the beach. What’s better than that?

See you guys next time!

❤ Rachel


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