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Happy 4th of July everyone! Today is July 4st and that means summer is almost half over. Hard to believe, right? It also means that I’m a month into my internship. I think I mentioned at the beginning of my last post that I’d been accepted and offered an internship with SCETV (South Carolina Education Television). It’s still hard to believe that I actually got it, to be honest. It was my first pick for an internship but I wasn’t sure that I’d get it. Between you and me, I thought for sure that I’d tanked the phone interview. Clearly, I didn’t as I am now interning with them. And it’s been great so far. I’m learning lots and get to work with some really great people.

I’ve been put in charge of one of the studio’s Twitter accounts and just last week I was given the log-in information for the studio’s new Pinterest account where I’ll be working on the “Making it Grow” boards. (Making It Grow is an ETV show based out of the Sumter studio.) In addition to this I’ve also been writing short articles for the Palmetto Scene blog and learning how to navigate Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a video editing software for Mac computers. I’m happy that I’m learning how to use the program because it’s something I’ve wanted to learn and it’s something that I think I will need to know soon. So far I’ve only used the software to help me edit video that has already been produced. What that means is that I take a DVD, upload it to Final Cut, and then take clips from the film to create my own little 3-5 minute video. These little summaries or mini-videos then get uploaded to the Palmetto Scene blog as #ThrowbackThursday videos for the studio.

My first week at ETV happened to fall toward the end of the debates for the state elections for Lt. Gov., Superintendent of Education, and U.S. Senate. Though technically working the debates was optional for the interns, all of us worked them anyway. I started my internship in time to help with the last two debates and an additional run-off debate. Those were interesting. I’d never really paid much attention to the debates in the past so it was interesting to actually watch them not to mention see the cool behind-the-scenes stuff. The interns were in charge of signing the press in and showing them back to their designated room. As showtime came closer, we split up. One intern could go to the production truck and the other two could go watch the debate from the back of the studio behind the cameras. I was in the truck twice and sat in the back of the studio for the run-off debate.

the interns before a debate
the interns before a debate
inside the production truck
inside the production truck

Being in the production truck was really cool, if a little chilly. There’s a wall of screens of varying sizes that are all labeled different things. On these screens were shots of the candidates, questioners, and host from the different camera angles in the studio as well as screens showing the graphics and teleprompter. In front of this wall of screens was enough space for two people to sit and behind that was another row of seats where the graphics person and the intern sat. The people in the first row called the shots-directing camera angle changes if necessary, cuing graphics, directing when and to which camera the live feed will cut to, etc. The intern sitting in the truck was a backup timekeeper, making sure that the candidates didn’t go too far over their allotted time.

Juniper restaurant
Juniper restaurant
Chef Brandon Velie and the interview process
Chef Brandon Velie and the interview process

During my second or third week at ETV, I also was able to go on my first shoots which was exciting for me. Tabitha, one of ETV’s producers and editors, is in charge of a web series called Original S.C. These are short videos that focus on interesting people or people who do interesting things around the state. Past episodes have included a puppet master, a sea turtle rescuer, and a teen singer-songwriter. Marina, a fellow intern, is helping her this summer. I accompanied the two of them on two shoots. The first shoot was in small town Ridge Spring, SC, specifically Juniper, a restaurant on Ridge Spring’s main street. The couple who own and run the restaurant, Chef Brandon Velie and his wife Jeanne, were lovely. I really liked the restaurant; it was quaint and cozy with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  I loved the fact that drinks were served in mason jars and the food was amazing. Tabitha filmed the restaurant and the interview while Marina and I operated the camera and audio respectively.

The second shoot was eye-opening and I don’t mean because we had to leave at 6:15 in the morning. We traveled to Anderson, SC to film a segment on the Meals on Wheels program there. Marina was in charge on this shoot, which means that she was the one who filmed everything, conducted the interview, and set everything up. It was her first time being in charge on a shoot but she did a great job and the segment came out great! Tabitha had her camera and shot some secondary scenes as well as scenes of Marina filming for the intern video for ETV’s website later this summer. I did audio again and helped move equipment. Before speaking with the executive director and one of the drivers, I’d known the basics of what Meals on Wheels was but that was about it. For anyone who doesn’t know, Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that provides meals to those who have limited mobility (usually elderly or disabled). What I didn’t realize was that for many recipients, the meal provided by Meals on Wheels might be the only one they get each day. I also didn’t realize that by having drivers deliver meals to the home, the program ensures that recipients are checked in on regularly since many live alone or that it provides a sense of comfort for family members who live out of town to know that their loved one was being looked after. As I said, it was an eye-opening day.

Meals on Wheels in Anderson
Meals on Wheels in Anderson

Needless to say I’ve been enjoying my internship greatly. It’s flown by so fast! Hard to believe that I’m halfway through my ten weeks.

On another note, the World Cup is going on right now. Anyone been keeping up? I kept up with our bracket but I wasn’t great with watching the others. I’ve seen few games so far which have all been good for the most part. I watched the USA-Belgium game. That was a good game for anyone who missed it. The USA is out of the running now but we made it a lot farther than most people thought so go us for that! Ha. I also watched the France-Germany and Brazil-Colombia games today. For anyone who’s curious, Germany and Brazil won their respective matches which means that they will face off on Tuesday. Argentina plays Belgium tomorrow afternoon at four (US-EST) and Holland will play the Netherlands tomorrow evening at eight (US-EST).

Happy 4th of July y’all!

❤ Rachel


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