A Traveler’s guide to: Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach, SC

So as many of you guys who have visited my blog before know, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit for someone my age. A week or so ago, I was approached by a lovely woman named Kendra who asked if I would like to collaborate on a piece where we each talked about a favorite travel destination. Of course I said yes! So I’ve been thinking about all of the places that I’ve been and while I’ve loved them all, I decided to write about a place that I have visited multiple times growing up—Myrtle Beach, SC. Those of you who follow my blog will know that I’ve mentioned trips to the beach before in my posts as I love it, so I thought it was an appropriate choice. Kendra chose Las Vegas as her destination (a place I have yet to visit but want to now!) so we now present to you a traveler’s guide to Vegas and Myrtle Beach:

Places I Love to Visit in Las Vegas

Out of the many cities that I have visited over the years through my travels, the place that I like to visit the most is Las Vegas. It is a fascinating city that offers many things for adults and children alike. Here are some of my favorite things to do.

A Tour of Pink

It is easy to view the city and wonder what specific buildings are. A tour can help out with that, and those who prefer to go in style can try the Pink Jeep Tours Las Vegas. The tour begins with a pink Jeep that picks up customers at their hotel. Next, the pink Jeep provides a tour of the city, desert or Grand Canyon. It is a memorable experience, and the guide is quite informative.

Highs and Lows with a Rollercoaster

Although a rollercoaster is not my favorite thing to do, Las Vegas has a number of excellent ones that are quite thrilling. An excellent place to experience this type of thrill is at the Adventuredome, which is in Circus Circus. It has two amazing rides, and they are The Canyon Blaster and El Loco. The Stratosphere is a stupendous ride that provides people with a huge rush and gives a great view of the city.

Challenging Food

Like many people, I like food. Therefore, I like there are restaurants that provide patrons with food challenges. One such restaurant is BRAND Steakhouse, which is at the Monte Carlo. Willing participants can try to take out the “Ultimate Steak,” which is 120 ounces of beef. The challenge comes with two terrific sauces and one side. Those who finish this meal will get it for free. It is a fun and tasty challenge.

Underwater with Sharks

People who want a unique experience need to visit Mandalay Bay in order to swim with sharks. My husband and I decided to swim with the sharks. We were with the sharks for 45 minutes, but we felt safe wearing chainmail suits. I would be wiling to try that experience again. It was a rush!

Las Vegas is a place that offers so much more than just slot machines and cards. It’s world-renowned hotels along with the various things to see and do make a Las Vegas vacation a wonderful experience. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to read user reviews so you can be comfortable right when you step off the plane. There are great places that individuals, couples and families can all enjoy. That is what makes this city a great place to visit.

Visiting Myrtle Beach, SC


For anyone who has not visited Myrtle Beach before, it’s a nice place to vacation. If you don’t like the idea of staying in the midst of the hubbub, I recommend looking at one of the smaller beaches nearby. That’s what my family typically did when we would go for our vacations. We usually stayed in a condo in Garden City or Surfside, both of which are just outside Myrtle Beach. That way the beaches were a little less crowded but Myrtle wasn’t too far away that we couldn’t go for dinner or an afternoon on the boardwalk.

The food is always one of both mine and my mom’s favorite parts about going to the beach. We both enjoy seafood and our week in Myrtle is the best way to get our fix. Now, if you don’t like seafood, there are other options. Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area have American, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, and more. You can find almost any type of cuisine in Myrtle Beach, although seafood is one of the most prominent for obvious reasons. I personally have really enjoyed Crabby Mike’s Calabash in the past. The restaurant is pretty noticeable as both the restaurant and the cars have giant crabs on them. It’s a buffet style place though there is a menu should you or your party wish to do that instead.

As far as activities go, Myrtle Beach has quite a lot going on. There’s the actual beach of course, but if you get tired of the sand and surf or get a bad sunburn and are forced to stay off the beach for a few days, fear not! There are lots of things to do in Myrtle! I remember Ripley’s always being a favorite of mine. Ripley’s has several different attractions in Myrtle: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, the Marvelous Mirror Maze, Haunted Adventure, a 5D Moving Theatre, and a Ripley’s Aquarium.

outside the Odditorium
outside the Odditorium

If you enjoy sports, Myrtle has its own baseball team, the Pelicans. Check out their website for games and times. And, of course, there’s golf. There are probably more golf courses and mini golf places than you could count on four hands. While I’ve never gone golfing in Myrtle before, I’ve heard that the courses are nice. My family and I stuck to mini golf. Each mini golf place has its own theme so just pick one that looks cool and go for it!

If you’re looking to for something cool, beautiful, and slightly educational, I recommend checking out Brookgreen Gardens. An outdoor museum, it has beautiful trails and gardens for visitors to wander in addition to a zoo and tours like the Pontoon Boat tour which takes visitors out along what used to be rice fields that are now home to alligators, waterfowl, and osprey. The picture of mossy tree branches at the top of my blog is a cropped picture of one of the garden paths at Brookgreen Gardens. Check out their website here for more information.

Brookgreen Collage

I hope this has given you guys a better idea of what Myrtle Beach is like. It is way more than just sand and surf and teenagers (i.e. Senior Week). Family friendly, Myrtle Beach is a nice vacation spot for anyone wishing to relax with the soothing sound of waves breaking in the background.

So I hope you guys enjoyed Kendra and I’s post. If you guys have any questions about either destination, don’t hesitate to contact!

Thank you Kendra for asking me to be a part of this.

❤ Rachel


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