Update on My Life

Alright, so…it’s been a little bit since I’ve written anything. And, well, I figured I would update you guys on what’s been going on in the Life of Rachel. I’m almost halfway through the first semester of my junior year of college. Crazy!! I don’t even like to think about that because that means that I’m that much closer to being a senior…which is scary. Midterms are next week and then I’ll have a week off for Fall Break. Still deciding what I’ll be doing then since I’m not flying home. I’ll probably chill at my Grandma’s in Indy and/or my aunt’s in Culver. But I’m sure none of you really care about that.

Aside from the usual busy life of the average college student with classes and homework, I’m also more involved in school this year. By which I mean extracurriculars. Now that I’m back from being abroad, I’ve reclaimed my spots in Collegiate Choir and Hand-bells. But then I’ve also joined a lot of new things this year. I’m the Study Abroad Peer Advisor for the France program, I joined the SMC-TV crew where we write, produce, and air segments or sketches on our TV channel (it’s a closed circuit channel just between SMC, ND, and HC), and the ND Swing Club. So all of that has been fun if kind of crazy at times in terms of scheduling. I’m actually really happy I decided to do Swing though. It’s so much fun. When I told my mom she was probably saying “I told you so” or something along those lines in her head as when I was in middle school I dropped out of Cotillion….whoops. I’m also interested in trying to work with or volunteer with United Way but scheduling so far has not worked out well.

And of course, on top of all of that and school and homework etc. there’s the actual having-a-life part of college. My friends and I have actually been to some really cool gigs so far. Jim Gaffigan came and performed at Notre Dame in August. That was really funny. Anyone who doesn’t know who Jim Gaffigan is, he’s a stand-up comedian. He’s got a few CDs out, has done a few specials on Comedy Central, and most recently, has published a book entitled Dad is Fat.  He’s also the one with the “hot pocket” joke if people know that. This past week, RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad (he plays Walt Jr) came and spoke at Notre Dame. My friend Megan and I went to that. Now, I will admit that I have never actually seen the show, I just know that everyone seems to be obsessed with it. I thought it sounded cool so that’s why I went. It was interesting. He spoke a bit about his life and how he ended up where he is today as well as bullying and how he didn’t realize that he was different until he started school (he has cerebral palsy). It was a good talk. He answered questions at the end and then stayed to take pictures and sign autographs afterwards. Most recently–as in this past weekend–a few friends and I hit up Legends (a bar/club on ND’s campus) to see The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus perform. That was fun. They had two openers. I really wish I knew what the first group was because I want to look up their stuff. They reminded me of a mix of We Are The In Crowd, Paramore, and Hey Monday. I really enjoyed them but I couldn’t hear the lead singer when she said the name of their group. Unfortunate. The second group is a band called War Generation. They were alright. I think I preferred the first group better but that’s just my opinion. Then of course, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus came on and everyone loved that.

Cover for Jim Gaffigan's book
Cover for Jim Gaffigan’s book
RJ Mitte
RJ Mitte
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus










Probably the biggest moment though of the semester so far was my birthday. Not because it was my birthday but because I turned 21!! Yep, you heard me, 21!! (If numbers could be capitalized, they would be right there.) So I guess that means I’m officially an adult? Hm….let’s not think about that. But, I was really happy. I didn’t really know what to expect since I’m the oldest of my friends here at school so it’s not like we could all go clubbing or something. What did happen though was great. And definitely unexpected. So, my birthday this year fell on a Friday–I know, perfect timing right?– and Swing is Thursday nights. My friend and I had finished Swing and headed to LaFortune (the student center at ND) to hang out and attempt homework. So imagine my surprise when I hear my roommate yelling from across the room, getting EVERYONE’S attention saying, “Excuse me, minor emergency here, Rachel is 21 as of ten minutes ago!” She then proceeded to put a big birthday sticker on my shirt and lead everyone in the surrounding area in singing me Happy Birthday. Afterwards, I was led outside by her and Megan (the friend) to a car where Julia and Claire (two other friends) were waiting and they then took me to Fiddler’s (an Irish pub) in time for last call. So I was actually able to have my first drink and shot on my birthday. For anyone wondering, it was Sex on the Beach and a shot of Jamison. The shot wasn’t actually that bad. Kinda liked it. So that was awesome and they definitely surprised me.

John Mulaney
John Mulaney

Then Friday afternoon, Megan and I drove to Royal Oaks, MI to see John Mulaney perform. He’s Megan’s favorite stand up comedian and I’d seen some of his work and liked him so when she suggested it I said sure. Though that was back when she said that it was only half an hour away instead of three and a half but whatever. Details. If any of you internet users watch SNL, he’s been a writer on that show as well as appeared in a few sketches. I believe he wrote the Stefan sketches.  But anyway, it was an adventure. The show itself was good, though I’ve never seen a stand up that had an opener, and the drive there and back wasn’t bad, it was just the driving in the actual city. Don’t do it. Like ever. It sucks. Big time. And it wasn’t even Detroit. Fun fact: Royal Oaks is about 20 min. from Detroit. So I basically drove to Detroit and back Friday night. We got back around 4 a.m.

But yeah. So, in a nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve seemed to have caught a bit of a cold at some point over the weekend which is never fun but it’s not a great time for me. This week in my Intro to Communication class, we’re supposed to start our Sisters of the Holy Cross Oral History project. We each get paired up with a nun on campus and then we meet with them once a week for the next few weeks to kind of get to know them before we tape an interview with them about their life as a nun, childhood growing up, etc. But if I’m sick I don’t exactly want to meet and get my nun sick so therein lies the dilemma. Fun stuff being a college kid in a dorm with what, 500 other people?

I should have another Ireland post up soon but don’t count on it being before midterms because….well, let’s be honest. That’s probably not going to happen.

❤ Rachel


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