Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom and I
Mom and I

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the one day of the year where mothers everywhere are celebrated and treated like queens as they should be. Seriosuly, it’s in the rulebook of life. Right after the Golden Rule and sometime before Karma’s a bitch, it says Treat your mother like royalty on Mother’s Day (even though really, it should be more often than just one day a year). Now, you wouldn’t want to break the rules of Life would you? I didn’t think so.

But in all seriousness, today is definitely a well-deserved day of pampering for mothers. Oftentimes we don’t take the time to fully appreciate or even realize everything that our mothers do for us. Think about it. Not only did our mothers help raise us, which is totally pamper-worthy on its own, but they still help us even after we become old enough to fend for ourselves. I could begin listing exactly all the ways they help us in detail but I think we’d be here all day and then some. Instead, I’m going to tell you guys a little  about a woman that I call Mom.

Now I know that a lot of people like to aruge and say that their mom is the best and, I hate to break it you folks, but mine definitely beats out everyone else. And I’m not just saying that. Mom has always been supportive of my brother and I regardless of what it is we’ve wanted to do–sports, music, reading/writing. When I was still in elementary school, Mom signed Jared and I up for piano lessons because she said that it’s always good to be able to read music. I’ve always loved music and can remember making up songs in the car to sing my little brothers to sleep. Nowadays I can’t actually think of a time where I haven’t been able to read music because it feels like I’ve always been able to. Piano lessons were just the beginning though. Even though I eventually quit piano lessons, I joined band in middle school and played clarinet all through middle and high school joining marching, jazz, and woodwind bands along the way. I also picked up guitar, joined the guitar group in middle school and took two years of lessons before I had to drop it due to time conflicts with marching band. I’m sure I would have still joined band in school but I think that the piano lessons kind of jump-started things.

I have a lot of good memories from my childhood but reading and music compile some of my favorites. It doesn’t happen so much anymore because Jared and I have gotten older and everyone’s busy but when we were younger Mom would dance us around the kitchen humming or singing a song while she made dinner. Our kitchen wasn’t particularly big for dancing but we would manage and she would lead us in waltzing around the island that stood in the middle. As I got a bit older, and started to hit that stage where your parents aren’t “cool” (so about middle school), I stopped going with it as much even though secretly,  I’ve always loved it.

Another thing I absolutely loved as a child and that I remember quite well, is that Mom would read to Jared and I every night before bed. We’d always beg “just one more chapter and then we’ll go to bed, I promise!” She’d also read to us during the 12 hour car ride to Indianapolis in the summer  and all of us got into the stories.  Momma read good stuff to us too. I mean, we had the typical books kids our age had (Betsy and Tacy and Junie B. Jones for me, Magic Treehouse for Jared) but Mom read A Wrinkle in Time (love that book), The Wind in the Willows, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Rats of Nimh, and the first three or four Harry Potter books among others. In all honesty, I would probably say that and the Harry Potter series are big factors in why I read so much now. I discovered then that books could be interesting and that you could go on cool adventures without ever leaving home.

Those are just two memories from my childhood. There’s so  many I could tell you guys. Like the fact that I don’t think she missed more than a handful of performances, games, swim meets, or awards shows. Or that she used to help out with the things we were involved in be it the angel choir for the church Christmas pagent or volunteering to be a chaperone on a school field trip. Or that I actually like going shopping with Mom even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye on things, it’s still a good time. Or that I like going strawberry picking with her in the summer (U-pick places still exist!).

I think above all else, Mom has always been there if Jared or I ever needed her and has always been supportive. She was the one I went crying to after a talent show routine accident in elementary school that my friends blamed me for. And the first person I talked to when a friend-related problem got out of hand in high school. She’s also the one that accompanied me on college tours when I was going down that route. And for her credit (and my father’s), didn’t say anything about me wanting to go a bit far from home for college other than that I should look in Indiana and Ohio because they were close-ish to family.

All of these things I’ve just said aren’t even close to being everything that Mom has done for me or for our family over the years. And I’m sure that the same applies for many of you fellow internet users, that your mothers have done so much for you that there’s no way to keep track of every incident. So I really hope that today, if only on this one day each year, you guys do something to show them how much you truly appreciate them and everything they’ve done. Me, since I’m still abroad, all I can offer you Mom is a well-wished happy Mother’s Day and a big virtual hug (*HUUUG*). At least until I come home in a month. But I hope that Dad and Jared treat you to a nice lunch and relaxing day.

There are a few ways I could end this post. Originally I was going leave you all with a quote like, “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” or a touching video of a song, like Taylor Swift’s The Best Day, or even post a link to The Mayhem Poets’ song entitled Martin Luther Queen which is a spoken word piece commeorating strong women. But while any of those options undoubtedly would have been fine, they are someone else’s words and therefore, just don’t feel quite right. So, while the words might be very simple, they are the best way I know of saying this:

Mom, thank you for everything that you’ve done over the years, not just for me but for our family. Thank you for your continous love and support and for allowing me to spread my wings. I’m not sure just a thank you is sufficient but it’s all I’ve got. So thank you Mom. I love you bunches. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

❤ Rachel


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