The Hunger Games

I FINALLY saw The Hunger Games today. I know, it only just came out today (well, in the U.S. at least) but I didn’t get a chance to see it while it was in theaters. A friend of mine had it and suggested watching it. I, of course, agreed. Who wouldn’t? Besides, when you don’t have money there’s not a lot that you can do. But no matter.

It was nice. The movie itself was pretty good. I’ve read the first two books so I could tell when the script plot differed slightly from the book. Like the mockingjay pin for example. In the book, there’s a completely different character, the mayor’s daughter, who gives Katniss the pin whereas in the movie Katniss gets it from a woman at the market (Greasy Sue maybe?) that she gives to Prim, who later gives it back to Katniss for good luck. I hope that explanation wasn’t too confusing. If it is, watch the movie, it’ll make sense.

There was one scene in particular that I remember because I couldn’t decide if it was purposeful or not. The first scene where Haymitch makes his appearance on the train. When he turns to leave, his collar is half undone. As in half of his collar is hanging off/down the back of his neck. Now, what I couldn’t tell is if that was a scene splice gone slightly awry or if it was an intential wardrobe malfunction since Haymitch is a drunk.

Rue was adorable though. And Peeta’s camoflauge by the river mid-way through the film was phenomenal. There were a lot of familiar faces too. I’m not saying that I would be able to put a name with every one but I could tell you at least what other roles they’ve played. Like the girl who played…Glimmer, I think, also played a role on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place. The actor who played Cato (Alexander Ludwig) also was very familiar even though I don’t think I’ve seen any of his films. He was in Race to Witch Mountain–the 2009 version. I saw the 1975 version, Escape to Wtich Mountain, which was based on the 1968 novel, Escape to Witch Mountain, by Alexander Key.

Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious though. I don’t know how many people watch interviews on talk shows or online, but I recommend looking up one of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s been on Chelsea Lately, Jimmy Kimmel, and Letterman. It’s hilarious. They talk a little bit about the movie but a lot of it is joking around or Jennifer talking about her childhood. If any of the stories are true, it’s both funny and mean of her brothers. Covering her face with peanut butter and then locking her in the basement with their three dogs? Who does that? Some of Josh Hutcherson’s (Peeta) interviews are interesting too. I haven’t seen but one or two of Liam Hemsworth (Gale) and in those he clips he mostly talks about Miley I think.

But I’m sidetracking. It’s good movie. I do wonder how many costume and make-up artists they had on hand though because not only do the normal scenes with just a few Captial people require elaborate make-up and wardrobe, just think of how much preparation it would take for the larger scenes with Capital people like the waving at the train, the talk show, etc. I know that movie sets have more than one person on duty for that sort of thing but geez, it seems like for the crowd scenes it would take most of the day before everyone was ready to shoot. But I could be wrong. Movie magic fascinates me.

I suppose I shall leave ya’ll with this very anti-climactic blog ending. As Elizabeth Banks (Effie) says: “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Personally my favorite quote from her is “That is mahogany!” But that might just be because I saw the moviefone interview of her, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson where Jennifer does an impression of that line and I found it funny.

❤ Rachel


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