Music Alert: Paradise Fears cover “The Fighter”


Couple things. First of all, I have kind of been a little obsessed with this song since it came out a few days ago. Second of all, Paradise Fears is AMAZING!! If you haven’t heard of them you should definitely go check them out.

Having said that, this particular cover of Gym Class Heros caught my attention for a few different reasons. The arrangement is *kisses fingertips*. Whoever came up with the arrangement definitely knows what they are doing. The hand clapping percussion beat is really addictive. If you watch the video and nothing else stays with you, that will. It was a good creative move. I don’t know how many of you guys are Gym Class Heros fans but if you are, then you probably know the original version of the song. Not really being familiar with the group’s music (apart from the stuff on the radio) I’d never heard of this song. So, me being me, I was curious to see what the original sounded like. It’s good too. It’s a bit more up-tempo and is more rappy whereas the cover Paradise Fears did is more geared toward acoustic stylings and the kind of rawer feel that usually accompanies that type of music.

I bet a good number of you don’t know what I just said, am I right? I’d apologize but…that’s not really my style. However, I will add this disclaimer: I am a music person. That’s not to say that I could hold deep or long discussions about the entracacies of Sousa or Mozart or even Rachmaninov because I doubt very much that I would be able. But I do love music very much. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I’d be without it. At this point I’m not even sure I can remember the time before I learned how to read music (thanks Mom for insisting on signing Jared and I up for piano lessons).

Music to me is it’s own language, it’s a way to be able to communicate your thoughts and emotions. That might be why lyrics are so important to me. A lot of the stuff that you hear on the radio sounds nice but in all actuality is very simple and repetitive and quite frankly, a little bit boring. Take almost any John Mayer song for example. His most popular songs on the radio have been what? Waiting on the World to Change is one. It’s not that hard to learn. Why? Repetitive. Or how about we skip forward to something that’s popular right now. How about…Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen or Rihanna’s song We Found Love. Both are catchy but lyrically, what are they saying exactly? Not a ton. Now, I’m not trying to bash them, don’t get me wrong I will admit to having Call Me Maybe on my ipod but if you’re looking for something with meaning…that’s not it.

I’m not saying that every song has to hold meaning or that I only listen to ones that do (I just said I have Call Me Maybe on my ipod didn’t I) because I’m not, but I do think that that’s partly why this cover caught my attention. The acoustic styling didn’t hurt either. I do love good acoustic music. Paradise Fears, I think, used that to help capture the meaning behind the words. My favorite bit is the pre-chorus and chorus. Not really sure why, but Sam (the lead singer) does a really good job.

Besides the song being amazing, the fact that they went a children’s hospital to talk with and perform for the kids there is incredible. The band is from South Dakota. Is it anywhere near Sioux Falls? I have no idea, I just know that they are from that state. I feel I’ve messed a bit of this up, some of the above isn’t what i originally had planned on talking about but whatever, I’m not going to go back and change anything. Bottom line, the cover they did of this song is amazing, their original songs are absolutely wonderful and if you’re searching for new music, I recommend these guys. If I got a chance to go to one of their shows or to meet them I’d be really pleased. They just seem like such cool people, generous, caring, and selfless. All good things in my book. And to all of you out there struggling with something, listen to the lyrics:

“Until the referee rings the bell,
Until both your eyes start to swell,
Until the crowd goes home,
What we gonna do ya’ll?
Give ’em hell….this one’s a fighter.”

❤ Rachel


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