First Entry!

Hello fellow internet users!

In case you couldn’t tell, this is my first ever blog. I just decided earlier today that I wanted to start one. Well, no, in reality I wanted some way to be able to update family and friends on my adventures next year when I’m abroad and I like writing so…a blog sounded like a good fit. This entry is more like a trial for me I suppose you could say. I’m not the most tech savvy person, despite a large percentage of my friends being computer geeks.

I suppose some sort of introduction is in order for those of you reading this who may not know me. Firstly, I’m a girl. I know, I know, shocker right? With the headliner using belle and all. That’s actually kind of a play on words. I am from the South but where I go to school we are known as the Belles. Sounds real scary right? We must terrify our opponents at basketball games with a mascot name like that. In all honesty though, it’s a great school. Moving onward from there, I don’t have a set major yet, I’m still officially undecided though I’ve been toying with a few possible major/minor combinations. At least I have until the end of next year before I have the formally declare.

I guess the most important things to know about me thusfar are: I absolutely LOVE music and reading. I’m really sarcastic in real life…so that will probably translate into my posts a bit. I love traveling and learning new things. Hence, why I’m studying abroad in a few months. It’s also why some of my tastes might be a bit peculiar. For example, you know how most people would want to read something nice and light as their last leisure book before school starts up again? Well, that is, if you read books in your spare time. Summer before senior year the last “leisure” book that I read before school started was called Waiting to Die. No Joke. Written by a gentleman who had been sitting on death row for twenty years and counting at the time, it talks of what prison is really like and how death row differs from regular prisons. It also details some of the procedures like what a daily routine is like, how many inmates spend their time, the appeal process, as well as which methods of death were used in what states and which states disapproved of the death penalty as opposed to those who were trying to speed up the process. While the idea of the book might be a tad grim–these guys are literally just waiting to be told when they’re going to die–it is quite enlightening. It also puts a new perspective on the death penalty and gives us an insight as to what happens after the setencing in court. For those interested, it’s called Waiting to Die: life on Death Row by Richard Michael Rossi.

I’m also prone to slight distractions if you couldn’t tell. But seriously, it’s a good read if you want to learn more about the legal system and what life is really like for the men and women that are sentenced to death row. I suppose I’ll stop it there for tonight. I’m supposed to continue in my quest for a job in the morning. Whoo.

❤ Rachel


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